Unauthorized copying of RFID tags or cards is typically illegal. How to copy RFID key cards or tags legally?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most commonly asked questions by customers. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, contact our team today!


We copy many types of keys including RFID, iButton, magnetic, smartcard, and high-security/encrypted formats.

To properly identify your key please use our wizard linked below. It is a guided process that will help you determine if we can copy your key and which options are currently available.


What a surprise! Our legal counsel says we cannot answer this question but here is what we can say.

We have been in business since 2021 and have copied thousands of keys without any legal issues reported by our customers. 

Clone Smith does recommend reviewing any lease agreements that you have signed as duplicating keys is sometimes prohibited.


Yes, with our Snap and Send service, we often can make a duplicate using the printed serial number on your key. Most keys only display part of the required key data on the outside of the key. We have exclusive access to a database that contains the missing data for most locations around the Dubai.

Yes, it is possible to copy most key cards currently used in the market today. Some key cards are easy to copy while others take specialized equipment. When you copy a key card the original key fob must stay activated for the copy to work. Some newer key card formats use encryption making them more difficult to copy while a select few formats are still impossible.

  1. Sign into your account and navigate to the Stored Data section on the main menu.
  2. Find the key data you would like to use from the list of keys you have stored.
  3. Click Re-Order button next to the key data you would like us to use.
  4. Select the blank key you’d like and complete checkout.
  5. Leave the rest to us! Your new order should ship within 1 business day.

If you have questions please contact us.

Yes! Our office and processing center is located at  Discovery Gardens, Jabel Ali Dubai United Arab Emirates. We do have a walk-in service but it’s by appointment only. Schedule your visit

If you’d like additional verification, simply search our address in Google or lookup our Bing Search information.

We have strict processing procedures to ensure any keys we receive gets sent back to their owner. If the unthinkable does happen we have an insurance policy that covers replacement costs up to AED100.

Delays during shipping are rare but do happen, in 2022 our outgoing domestic delay rate was slightly less than 3% — with most delays only being 1 business day. If you experience a delay when receiving your package we will work directly with the shipping service to resolve the issue.

Most newer model automotive key cards cannot be copied. We recommend contacting a local automotive accessory installer to discuss your options. Oftentimes local businesses that install car stereos, car alarms, and remote starts have options available.

We do not have any advertisements on the outside of our packages and abbreviate our company name on the return address.

If you receive non-working keys through our Snap and Drop service we offer two options. We will work with you to correct the issue and send out working duplicates or offer a different service that has a higher success rate. If we cannot resolve the issue we will send out a pre-paid return label and packaging to retrieve the non-working keys.* Once returned, we will refund the order.

For our pick and drop service we have the ability to test most formats before they leave our facility to ensure they are a working copy of your original. If we find out that we cannot successfully make a working copy of your key we will return your original and refund your order. Any upgraded shipping selection will still be used to return your key which will be deducted from the refund.

Please be aware there are several keys our service does not support. Our key copying wizard will help you identify your keys format to ensure it’s compatible with our service. Also, always make sure to use a working/activated original key with our service. If the original key that we use to make copies ever gets deactivated all copies will stop working. Deactivation often happens if a tenant every moves away or reports the key lost or stolen.

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We do offer a full 30 days to test your new key(s). If they don’t work or you aren’t satisfied simply send them back for a refund.

*Pre-paid label and packaging provided for domestic orders only.

Yes, we often can clone parking passes if the format is listed on our compatibility page. Please be aware that many parking system use a feature called anti-passback which tracks if the vehicle is inside the garage or not. If this feature is enabled then any copied passes will still only allow one vehicle in at once. If you are required to scan your parking pass to exit the garage there is a high likelihood that the anti-passback feature is being used.

Please note, we can only duplicate parking passes that are listed on our compatibility page. Many parking passes use technology we cannot copy. If your parking pass works at distances greater than 12 inches there is a high likelihood we cannot copy it.

While our equipment is specifically designed to prevent this, we offer up to AED 250 coverage per original key for replacement.

The total time it takes for us to clone a key depends on the format. Some keys take us less than 20 minutes while others take over 5 hours.

For our SNAP and SEND service we require pre-approval which starts with completing an online application. This application asks for information about your key to ensure we can duplicate it using its printed serial number. We also ask for proof of residency to help ensure we are sending keys to authorized customers. Proof of residency is established from providing a copy of your lease or utility bill. Once the application has been submitted they will take up to 1 business day to process but most application only take several hours. After approval customers will be provided a special link to select their blank key(s) and complete checkout. After checkout we will process and ship your order within 1 business day. Most orders received before noon will ship the same day and overnight shipping is available.

For our mail-in service any order received before noon (Mon-Fri) is typically processed and shipped same day. Our optional rush processing will guarantee they are shipped the same day received. Standard processing orders are also still likely to ship the same day but could be held overnight if we receive an unexpected amount of volume. If overnight shipping is used both ways it’s possible for a customer to be without their key for less than 48 hours.

Review our overall turnaround time diagram

Review our shipping options

*Overnight shipping to areas considered rural by iMile may take an additional day.

Our bulk discounting starts when 2 or more keys are purchased together. The greater number of keys purchase increases the discount percentage.

If you need to place an order for more than 50 units, please contact us.

For our Snap & send service we have the ability to test most formats to confirm they will work. Unfortunately, we are unable to fully test several RFID key formats. If you receive non-working key(s) we will work with you to correct the issue. If we cannot correct the issue we will send out a pre-paid shipping label and return packaging to collect the non-working key(s).* Once returned a refund will be issued.

For our mail-in service we have the ability to test nearly all formats to confirm they are a fully functioning copy.

We do offer a full 30 days to test your new key(s). If they don’t work or you aren’t satisfied simply send them back for a refund.

*Pre-paid label and packaging provided for domestic orders only.

Please use our order wizard to determine if your key is compatible with our service.

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It’s true, there is a device being offered by Chinese websites that is capable of cloning one specific key type. This key type was widely used in the 90s but is rarely used today. 

To the access control system, it appears identical to the original. However, most of our keys do not look visually identical to your original key. We do offer visually identical keys for select formats through our Exact Match program. If you wish to keep your key a secret, we recommend selecting one of our key cards which fits conveniently in a wallet or purse and typically works without having to remove it.

A cloned key carries an exact copy of the data on the original key. If your original key is deactivated, both keys will stop working. Deactivation often occurs when a tenant moves away or reports the key lost or stolen.

Yes, our office is located at Discovery Gardens, Dubai. Our walk-in key copying service is by appointment only. 

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We’re sorry your keys are not working! We will work with you to get the problem resolved. Please visit our Help & Support page to view common solutions and to contact us regarding this issue.

For our Pick & Drop service, once your key arrives at our facility you will be automatically notified by WhatsApp. You will be notified again once the duplication process is complete and also be provided tracking information when your order ships.

We support most RFID keys currently in use today. However, due to advanced encryption and other factors there are several we do not support. To determine if we support your format, please use our key copying wizard.

Start key copying wizard

For the security and privacy of our customers, we only accept orders through our website. To get started please use our online ordering wizard to review the available options for your specific key.

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Yes, we ship to most countries. Please review our shipping page.

Please review our shipping prices to Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah here.

While it’s our main service we provide Anti Clone system for building and parking access. We have provided both onsite and pre-implementation consultations for several customers.

Please contact us for more information and also see our blog article regarding smart access control policies.

Simple answer is yes but you may first want to consider another option. All of our clones work off of one original key, which if disabled will also deactivate all clones. This will limit your system’s ability to act similarly to a traditional metal-key-based system and not allow you to take full advantage of the features associated with RFID access control.

For this reason, we first suggest you attempt to reset the access control system to give you the ability to authorize new keys. Having the ability to authorize new keys will give you full access to the features associated with access control and also likely be the most cost-effective long-term.

If your system is not able to be reset and remains locked out, please contact us to find out what alternatives we may be able to offer.

It’s not as hard as many may think to protect against cloned cards. Please see our sister site about how to properly manage proximity RFID access control systems and guard against previous tenants with cloned keys.


No, we do not clone credit cards or keys used for the purposes noted below. We reserve the right to refuse any order we feel violates these guidelines:

Credit Cards

Government/Military Identification

State Issued Identification

Student Identification Cards

Keys that appear to be linked to financial accounts of any kind.

Yes, we are able to pull the necessary information off any key that our company has made to make more working copies. We also store your key data. If you originally purchased the key from us you likely can order additional keys through your account panel as a re-order.

Most key fobs operate on 125 khz which is not compatible with NFC chips commonly installed in mobile phones. Key fob copying services do offer stickers and specialty keys that fit between mobile phones and their protective case. Placing a traditional key fob or sticker near a mobile phone often reduces the performance of the key so it’s important to select a key that uses special material to prevent interference.

Apartment managers often charge their tenants AED100 or more for an additional key card while most key card blanks cost less than AED5.00 to purchase. However, many RFID access control systems also charge a licensing fee which restricts how many key card (registrations) can be active in the system at once. If the access control system is maxed out on registrations the cost for upgrading can be thousands of dollars as most license upgrades only come in bundles of 100 or more.

Most key fobs will cost around AED50 to copy. Price for copying an RFID based key fob can vary due to complexity and how many blank keys are purchased at one time. If you purchase multiple keys at once you can pay lower than AED25 a key.