Unauthorized copying of RFID tags or cards is typically illegal. How to copy RFID key cards or tags legally?

How it Works

Clone Smith offers three different options for copying your key fobs and cards. Our specialty is copying radio frequency identification (RFID) based keys. We also support other technologies including high-security keys, smart cards, iButton, and magnetic key technologies.


This service does not require you to mail your original key. Simply take a photo of your key and complete the online application. You could have a duplicate key fob in as little as 1 business day.



Supports nearly every RFID-based key on the market. For high-security keys and keys without a serial number mailing them to our office is the best option. Most orders ship the same day we receive your key.



We have Clone Smith Express locations and authorized partners in locations across the United Arab Emirates. Verify your key is compatible online before traveling to a location near you.

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Easiest Way To Copy Your Key Card


Our main service simply requires a picture of the serial number printed on your key fob or card. This number is typically found on the back of your key. This photo can be uploaded using our online application linked below. Once we have your completed application, we will use our special database to help fill in the missing information required to make a working duplicate key.

Our database contains information on thousands of addresses in the United Arab Emirates. In order to properly use the database, we do require the address of the location where the key is used. For this service, we also require proof of residency to ensure you are the owner or legal user of the key. Clone Smith will never contact your landlord. If you do not feel comfortable or cannot provide this information, our Pick & Drop Service may be a better option for you. 

After completing checkout, you can expect your order to ship within 1 business day. Orders received before 04 pm typically ship the same day. Overnight shipping is available for fast delivery.

  • Proof of residency (lease or utility bill)
  • Key with visible serial number.
  • Ability to take and upload photos.

No, our database only contains partial information which is not adequate enough to make a working key. The unique serial number of a working key is required to successfully create a working clone.

Our database contains information to thousands of addresses in the United Arab Emirates but this information is only part of the puzzle. 

Our success rate varies depending on the format of the key and service used. Please use our Key Copying Wizards to find your specific key and view its success rates.

Please use our Key Copying Wizards to find your specific key. You will be provided with the available key copying options and a place to upload images of your key.


For High Security & Encrypted Key Fobs


We have developed our Pick & Drop service to make it as fast, efficient, and secure as possible. This service is the best option for newer key formats that use encryption or contain other advanced security methods that guard against cloning. We also recommend our Pick & Drop service for any compatible keys that do not contain a printed/visible serial number.

We have successfully shipped thousands of keys back to customers. Since 2021.

We have 2 delivery options.

Option 1: Next day delivery.

Option 2: Same day delivery which cost 30 AED extra.

  • Ability to print a document
  • Ability yo mail/ship your key (instructions provided)
  • Ability to be without key at least 2 business days
Our success rate varies depending on the format of the key and service used. Please use our Key Copying Wizard to find your specific key and view its success rates.

We provide detailed instructions on how to package and safely ship your key. If you’d like to review these, please visit the link below.
Mail Instructions

No, providing a return label is not necessary. During our checkout process you will be provided with our available shipping options. We have options ranging from free all the way up to 1-day express overnight.

Of course, your original key is always returned to you.


Full Service Only A Few Steps Away

Clone Smith Express locations are coming soon. Get instant copies of your RFID based key fobs & cards at some of your nearest lock smith shops. Support for iButton and high-security keys will also be available at select locations.

Simply find a location near you to get a duplicate key fob instantly. Use the link below to identify your key format which will help narrow down locations that support your key. On our locations page you will notice several locations do require an appointment while others do not.

Most keys take less than 10 minutes. However, high security keys take up to 5 hours. In rare cases, some keys can take several days.

Our retail service is expanding soon. We currently have available walk-in services at our Discovery Garden location. To schedule an appointment please visit the link below.
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Our success rate varies depending on the format of the key and service used. Please use our Key Copying Wizard to find your specific key and view its success rates.