Unauthorized copying of RFID tags or cards is typically illegal. How to copy RFID key cards or tags legally?



We specialize in duplicating a wide range of keys, with our expertise lying in RFID-based key fobs and access cards for apartments, condos, and offices. These come in various technologies, commonly referred to as formats, with over 100 different types available. Each format requires a unique method for duplication and specific key blanks, which affects the pricing. Additionally, we offer pricing discounts based on the quantity of copies ordered at once, automatically calculated during the checkout process. For an accurate pricing quote, we recommend starting the checkout process, with the flexibility to modify your cart items as needed. There is no obligation to complete the checkout process until you are ready.


Our bulk discounting program automatically applies discounts to orders of up to 100 keys during the checkout process. These discounts can reach over 60% off the retail price.

For orders exceeding 100 keys, please reach out to us. We have collaborated with numerous property management companies and large organizations to create tailored solutions for both one-time and recurring procurement needs. These types of orders can be highly customized with custom printing, color options, and material selection.


We exclusively rely on the iMile for all our shipping needs. iMile is the ideal choice for our service, and you can find more information about it here. Our shipping prices are based on iMile base rates, but rest assured, our prices are always lower than the retail prices offered by iMIle. For accurate shipping prices, kindly reach out to us or initiate the checkout process.