Unauthorized copying of RFID tags or cards is typically illegal. How to copy RFID key cards or tags legally?


Technical Support Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire to help our support team diagnose issues with your key. Once completed our team will review your case. Most cases receive a response the same day but some cases may take longer.


Does your original key still work?

This information is extremely important in order to correctly diagnose any functionality issues. Please verify this.

Has your original key been updated or replaced?

This can happen upon lease renewal or if the access control system has been updated.

Did the copies work when you first received them?

If your original key works at multiple locations do the copies work at any of them?

Does the door sensor react when you try to use the non-working key?

This is often a beep or flashing light.

Please test your non-working key without any other objects near it.

This includes cellphones, other key fobs, metal keys, & credit cards.

Is there anything covering your key?

This includes any material between the key and door sensor such as stickers, cellphone cases, or tape.

Please ensure the serial number is visible in one of the images. Please still include an image even if your serial number is worn off or is otherwise not visible.

The door sensor is the box where you swipe your key to gain entry. If your copies are working on some door sensors and not others please include an image of both a working sensor and non-working sensor.

Please provide the order number if you have multiple orders with us. Otherwise we can look your order by your email address.

If you have copied multiple keys with us please provide the name of the key that you are having issues with.