Unauthorized copying of RFID tags or cards is typically illegal. How to copy RFID key cards or tags legally?

How it Works

Security measures are a must for any buildings. Access cards are your identification proofs and hence, your entry gets easier with just a card. Similarly, for workplaces, access cards ensure a secured entry at the office premises.

If you want to clone your building access cards in case the older one has got damaged or you want virtual spare keys for your family members then consider our premium service. Avail a plethora of potential benefits with Atdoorstep’s outstanding access card duplicator service.

  • Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the biometric system has collapsed recently. You can avoid your identification hazard with the help of an access card. Duplicate your access card or create a new one with our access card services. Keep yourself and your family safe from many deadly diseases.
  • Avail our all around the clock service at your location. Whether it is your residence or corporate sector, we serve versatile sectors. Moreover, we provide guaranteed service within the committed time frame.
  • From beginning to the end, our professional locksmiths deliver only high skilled services. Our professionals know how to make an access card with accuracy and that’s too, within a few hours.
  • All our technicians are aware of every latest access card design so that they can duplicate the access card without any complication. Ensure total safety and security with the accurate and exact design of your access card.

Secure Access Card Duplicator Services Offered by us

In Dubai, access cards are getting way more popular, day by day. We provide every kind of access card duplicator service in Dubai. Get a long-term secure and convenient access with our impeccable access card duplicator services.

Residential Service

Whether you live in a villa or an apartment, strengthen your security during your absence with a digital lock system with access cards. Access cards are not easy to clone without the assistance from experts. If your access cards have got any issue then you need to replace them. Duplicate your door access card with our secure and confidential access card duplicator service.

Office Service

If you have to clone your business access card then our service is unbeatable. Our technicians work on the design of your access card to provide you with an accurate one. Therefore, get a long-lasting, superior business access card within a limited period of time.

Commercial Sector

Introduce a digital lock system at your commercial shops to avoid the biometric system. Avail our access card duplicator service for you and your employees with our affordable and shielded access card duplicator service. We believe in transparent services rather than inscrutable ones.


Everything is finding its own pace of development, even locks and keys, with the advent of technology. The traditional lock and key system have evolved into an access card, be it for your apartment, buildings, offices. These access cards are easy to handle and minimize your effort and are also safer.

Access cards are the best one for identification and security purposes. Whether it is your household or your business, a building access card can be handy to ensure secure measure. If the existing access card is creating trouble or you just need a clone of your access card then you can rely upon Atdoorstep’s access card duplicator service.

In Dubai, there are high demands for duplicating and creating access cards for residential and commercial buildings. We have designed our service to ensure security and safety measures. Avail professional and swift access card duplicator service in Dubai with our prominent service. All our locksmiths are certified to clone any building access card.

We take pride in being capable of duplicating and cloning any access cards. We provide fully licensed and insured business access cards. When it comes to accurate design and technology, we are your safe bet.

We are proficient in our locksmithing services and a recommendable name in Dubai. We are one of the trusted names for delivering lock and key solutions for residential, commercial and vehicle services. If you are looking for an access card duplication service then we can be your ultimate guide. We provide trained and skilled locksmiths at your place and they can clone your access card within a few hours.

It is our responsibility to take care of your safety with our incomparable access card duplication service. Avail tried and tested access cards only with our professional locksmiths. We provide world-class standards along with professionalism with our access card duplicator service. Get immediate assistance from our service personnel right at your doorstep.

Get in Touch with our Highly Professional Access Card Duplicators

We are committed to providing you with the reliable and safest access card duplication services. We have checked every measure before we appoint any professional at your service. Trust our incomparable services.

Hire our excellent access card duplicator service from our Atdoorstep.ae website. Furthermore, download and install the Atdoorstep app on your iOS or Android device. Contact our customer service executives for further query and information. Join our service network today.

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