Proximity key Tag Copy Duplication

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Product Overview



The PSK-3 is a member of Keri’s Pyramid Series Proximity line of OEM readers, cards, and tags for access control.

The PSK-3 is one of the one of the smallest, most durable proximity credentials available. Designed to be carried on a key ring, the PSK-3 is permanently marked with a date code and ID number, includes a brass eyelet for added strength, and is backed by a lifetime warranty – all at a very competitive price.

The PSK-3 is available with standard sequential encoding, and can be programmed in any custom Wiegand™ format, as well as industry standard 26-bit Wiegand™.

Users have found the PSK-3 especially convenient for building entrances where the user still has their car keys in hand. If the system has many interior doors that are secured with Keri Pyramid Series proximity readers, users often attach the tag to a necklace for easy carrying, especially if their clothing does not have pockets.

Within the Pyramid Series Proximity line, the PSK-3 may be used interchangeably with any other Keri credential or reader, including the P-300 Cascade Reader, the P-400 Gibraltar Reader, the P-500 Alps Reader, and the P-600 Rocky Reader and Keypad. The Pyramid Series readers are all single piece design, offer lifetime warranties and industry standard Wiegand™ or magnetic stripe interfaces, and feature potted weather and vandal resistant construction, as well as optional HID compatibility.



Main Features
  • Smallest Proximity Key Ring Tag Available
  • Robust and Durable – Washing Machine Tough!
  • Works With Keri’s New Pyramid Series Proximity Readers On Any Manufacturer’s System
  • Interchangeable in System with Keri Proximity Cards
  • Industry Standard Formats
  • Unique Codes
  • Lifetime Warranty
General Information
Name: Keri Systems PSK-3 Pyramid Series Proximity Key Ring Tag, Keri Systems, Inc, Keri Systems
Category: Keri Systems, Access Control, Credentials, Key Fobs
UPC Code: 819345010793
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.