WatchNET Building + Parking Access Card Copy Duplication

Card Reader, UHF Passive Electronic Tag RFID Reader for Parking System Access Control Waterproof Passive Electronic TAG RFID Integrated Card Reader Access Control Readhead 5m(Can Connect to Internet)

د.إ 100.00

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About this item

  • Multi-protocol compatibility, rich communication interface, full support for 18000-6B and EPC Protocols), TCP/P, and other communications. Long reading distance and the farthest reading distance is 5-6m/16.4-19.6ft.
  • Read labels up to 0-6 meters. Reliable reading distance of 3 meters, automatic reading without stopping at a long distance, with the advantages of convenience, emission reduction, time-saving, fuel saving, etc., reducing the number of queues for commuting to work.
  • High-speed transmission and fast reading, software setting, working frequency are 902Mhz-928Mhz, software frequency hopping or fixed frequency working up to 115200bps, file transfer is fast, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
  • Waterproof design, sturdy material, to meet the requirements of harsh working environment, not afraid of rain, sun exposure, low temperature, can work in a variety of harsh environments.
  • A stable circuit board, a variety of environmental sensing technology, so that it can adjust the signal parameters according to the needs of the environment, professional engineers after repeated debugging test capacitors and circuits have reached international standards, high sensitivity, fast reading speed, easy to use.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Access Control Reader
Color: White
Size: Approx. 215 x 215 x 50mm/8.4 x 8.4 x 1.9in
Model: R16-0-5m/0-16.4ft Close-Range Integrated Reader
Read Distance:
Close Distance: Approx. 3meters/9.8ft
Long Distance: Approx. 5meters/16.4ft
Working Frequency: 902-928MHZ
Working Mode: Software Set Frequency Hopping or Fixed Frequency Work
Power Adjustable Range: 0.1-1W
Antenna: Built-In Circularly Polarized Antenna
Communication Port
1) USB (Support USB Communication, USB Upgrade Program)
2) RS-232, RS-485
3) Wiegand 26 or Wiegand 34 or Wiegand 96
Communication Rate: Software Setting, Default 9,600, Up to 115200bps
Read and Write Performance
1) Read and Write Passive Electronic Tags (Support 18000-6B and EPC Protocols)
2) The Farthest Reading Distance: Approx. 5-6m/16.4-19.6ft, Reliable Reading Distance 3meters/9.8ft
Application Software Platform
1) Provide Application Software Programming API
2) Support VB or VC Development
Power Supply: 12V DC
Average Power Consumption: 2W
Working Temperature: -20°C- +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C- +80°C

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